We're Printing!

Excellent news! We're self-publishing/printing our prologue issue via Ka-Blam Digital Printing! The pages were sent off yesterday to be processed and proofed, so provided everything checks out, we should have issues available for purchase by the end of summer. As the artist, I'm SO excited to see this labor of love printed professionally in book format. In the near-future, issues may be made available at upcoming comic conventions for those who are in the US Midwest/West Coast areas and want to pick it up in person. These events will be announced as they come up.

That said, the next chapter is already in the works and we've got some neat stuff planned. For those of you who have read C.B in its past incarnations, be ready for some really new and different content! Many of the old concepts (and characters!) have been completely overhauled and refined in ways that we're much happier with - and we think you will be too! For new readers, I hope the experience has been a good one so far and continues to keep you coming back for more.


See you all around, and stay tuned for upcoming announcements! :)

-W. Cromwell

posted by wcromwell @ 20th Jun 2014, 4:44 PM

C.B has a Facebook page!

>>>>CHECK IT OUT <<<<

So I hopped on the social media bandwagon, what of it? ;)

It makes me wonder what something like Facebook would become in the distant, vampire-addled future. You think people are camwhores now?

Anyhow, 'like' the page and say hello!

posted by wcromwell @ 20th May 2013, 11:52 AM